Jim Pelley

Jim Pelley

Director of Fun

Laughter Works Seminars is dedicated to providing the highest quality, most humorous presentations humanly possible; packed with tools and skills for a more productive work place. These educational, entertaining keynote programs, seminars,

and skillshops combine humor with the latest communication theory and physiological research. A former stand-up comedian and contributing writer for the original Saturday Night Live Show, Jim Pelley has left ’em laughing for more than 28 years at more than 3,087 top organizations in the U.S. and abroad, including Disney, Intel, Southwest AirlinesMattel Toys and AT&T. He’s brought his message of how to smarten up by lightening up to hundreds of thousands of people who are high-tech, low-tech, and no-tech-at-all. With his hilarious way of poking fun at the frustrations of everyday life, Jim demonstrates uproariously how to use

humor to become more creative, more productive, and less stressed
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