What’s So Funny About Meetings?

How often have you heard, “You’re a meeting planner? What a great job, how glamorous!” Well, yes,  it is a great job (most of the time), but glamorous? Being a professional meeting planner is definitely interesting, challenging and dynamic, but those glamorous moments can be few and far between. The successful meeting planner is often […]

Laughter… There’s Nothing Funny About the Way It Sells

That’s the title of one of the most popular programs that Laughter Works Seminars offers. “But hey,” we hear from some audience members, “I’m not in sales.” Well, I beg to disagree! These days we’re all in sales, from the marketing pro to the operations expert, the distribution manager, the human resource specialist, even the […]

Having Fun While Managing Change

“The only constant is change,” someone once said. Yak yak change, yak yak uncomfortable gripe, gripe, and grumble. Why is change so difficult? Change involves the unknown. Most of us really dislike the unknown. It’s uncomfortable, awkward, and icky. Remember the Boogieman? Sure you do! But, did you ever see the Boogieman? No! He only […]