How We Tailor a Program for You

Jim starts planning your program based on the experience he’s gained in many diverse industries and organizations (high tech, tourism, finance, health care, service, manufacturing, and education, to name just a few). He’ll use a detailed pre-program questionnaire to help him understand your specific environment. Then he’ll follow up with an in-depth interview to identify the challenges you perceive as most crucial and to focus on your desired outcomes.

With more than 28 years of experience, Jim is masterful at adapting his message to the underlying concerns, issues, and obstacles facing your audience. The intuitive understanding of their daily frustrations that he demonstrates with warmth and humor will have your audience embracing him as “one of us,” and taking his powerful message to heart.

Amaze your audience with a presentation that’s so personalized and so on-target that they’ll wonder where you’ve been hiding this guy! Jim Pelley is famous for the laser precision with which he customizes every keynote and workshop.

Your program from Jim Pelley and Laughter Works Seminars is guaranteed to leave ’em laughing, but at the same time, it’s sure to leave ’em thinking.