Why on Earth should you hire Jim Pelley? Even we thought that was a pretty good question, so we recently asked Judy Mikalonis, Chief Creative Officer of Verbulant Creative, to evaluate what Jim Pelley and Laughter Works Seminars offer. Here’s her abridged response:

The Question: Why do people hire Jim Pelley?

Because he’s funny. Jim points out life’s incongruities to people in the business world who are dying to use the right side of their brains and laugh for a while. Jim is the surprise at the bottom of the Cracker Jacks box of an otherwise serious meeting or conference.

Because audiences identify with him. Jim resonates with people. He’s the class clown, favorite brother-in-law, and helpful consultant all in one. Jim says the things the rest of us are thinking but wouldn’t dare point out. He speaks of universally recognizable situations and truths and customizes his talk to each group or industry so he can “talk the talk.” This relaxes the mental barrier people usually put up to deflect new ideas. Even the most resistant give in eventually once Jim builds up momentum.

Because he speaks to the individual. Jim doesn’t forget the individuals who make up the whole. Jim integrates private life and public life, then ties his observations back to the bigger picture of leadership, group dynamics and workplace politics where people live on a daily basis.

Because he challenges audiences. Jim takes charge and leads the way. He gives them feedback on how they’re thinking and challenges them to think differently. He gives people permission to stop and reflect on how they’re living now, and presents possibilities for living differently in the future. He helps them believe they’re up to the task by breaking through the commonality of the mundane with a few powerful, simple truths.

Because he leaves audiences with a sense of hope. Jim gives them coping tools as well as relational tools to help them respond appropriately to the challenges they’re facing. He leaves people with the belief that things can be better. That conflicts can be resolved. That the things that can’t be resolved don’t always have to be. And that whatever’s left is “do-able,” if people just lighten up their expectations.

All of the above. Jim brings a unique perspective to the table and yet maintains a presence, a sense of confidence and integrity. In a nutshell, Jim takes humor seriously – and helps others do the same.